Hebe Haven Yacht Club


If you’re interested in sailing, Hebe Haven Yacht Club is a great place to be a member. Membership is affordable and the club has everything you need to enjoy boating. Members can enjoy boat racing and the Boatyard. It also offers a lot of fun activities. You can also join the club’s 24HR Charity Dinghy Race to benefit different charities in Hong Kong.

Hebe Haven Yacht Club

Hebe Haven Yacht Club in Sai Kung, Hong Kong, is an excellent place for yacht racing and boating enthusiasts. The club offers easy access to the best sailing waters in Hong Kong. It also promotes youth sailing through its Sail Training Centre and regularly runs sailing courses for both adults and children. In addition, Hebe Haven has a busy racing schedule. Its annual 24-hour charity dinghy race and the largest summer regatta in Hong Kong are just two of the many events held at the club.

Hebe Yacht Club offers comprehensive marine facilities at competitive prices. There are 240 swing moorings and hard standings, boat repair facilities, and a full-service marina. The club recently added an extension to its facilities to accommodate more hard standing and marina berthing. The yacht club is also home to various regattas and events, including the Typhoon Series, which attracts sailors from all over the world.


Boatyard Hebe Haven Yacht Club is located in Sai Kung and Pak Sha Wan Districts in Hong Kong. The club was established in 1963. It is a member-only club, which offers a wide range of membership levels and benefits. The club also has a number of events and activities throughout the year.

Members enjoy access to the club’s comprehensive marine facilities, including 240 swing moorings and hard standings. They also enjoy competitive prices. The marina is home to over 50 yachts from all over Hong Kong. The Hebe Haven Yacht Club also promotes youth sailing through their Sail Training Centre. The club also offers regular sailing lessons for adults. It also has a full racing calendar, which includes the annual 24-hour charity dinghy race.

Boatyard Hebe Haven Yacht Club has 53 walk-on berths, which are perfect for yachts between thirty and 59 feet. There are also six guest berths on site. There are also 213 moorings for members. In addition, the club offers special services for members.

Boat racing

Boat racing is an important part of membership in the Hebe Haven Yacht Club, located in Hebe Haven, Florida. The club is home to a small rectangle course that can be viewed from the pontoon. The goal of boat racing is to complete as many laps as possible during a 24-hour period. Each shift will last two hours, and ten to twelve people per boat are required. Members can take multiple shifts during the weekend, and they may combine them with classes.

Members of the Hebe Haven Yacht Club can enjoy first-class yacht racing facilities at the club, as well as excellent facilities for sailing and yachting. The club also promotes youth sailing through its Sail Training Centre. In addition, there are regular adult sailing courses that can be taken by both beginners and experienced sailors. The club also has a busy racing calendar, with numerous regattas throughout the year.

The Hebe Haven Yacht Club is also home to the 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race. The race is an annual event that benefits several local charities and has raised over HK$12 million for CCF since 2002. During the race, the club also hosts an onshore race village with food and live entertainment. This festival atmosphere draws in many visitors each year.

The Hebe Haven Yacht Club is committed to gender parity in sailing. To encourage more women to take up the sport, the club is hosting a women’s sailing festival in May. The event is part of the World Sailing’s Steering the Course initiative. The festival is held concurrently with the annual Open Dinghy Regatta.