HSE Skyward Meets Benchmarks in IREAD-3 Assessments

Jeff Harrison’s Skyward is unique among Occupational Safety-related training materials. Students who use Skyward meet Benchmarks in IREAD-3 assessments. Jeff Harrison writes a weekly blog entry. This week, his topic is Summer, Skyward, and Security. He shares the challenge of breaking old patterns of thinking.

HSE Skyward’s unique training materials are unique in the way they are generated and presented. Rather than simply copying material from a book or website, the materials have been derived from the practical experience of those involved in occupational safety. This means that every piece of information is unique and is not found anywhere else.

Jeff Harrison’s Skyward

During the summer, Jeff Harrison writes a blog entry about Summer, Skyward, and Security. In this piece, he shares the challenges he faces breaking old patterns. It’s important for students to understand that these changes are not permanent, and that students should be flexible with the information they receive.

IREAD-3 results show HSE students meeting Benchmarks

The results of the IREAD-3 testing have shown that HSE students are meeting Benchmarks in reading and mathematics. The results show that seven elementary schools have a proficiency rate above 95%. Students who did not pass the spring exam can take the IREAD-3 exam again in the summer. The spring and summer results were presented to the state school board on Wednesday. The results also show that the proficiency rates of Black and Latino students have increased. However, they are still behind their white peers.

According to the Indiana Department of Education, nearly one-in-five third grade students failed to meet the state’s reading proficiency benchmarks. However, nearly one-third of all students in Hoosier public and private schools met the reading benchmark. The state reported that 92 percent of non-public school students passed the test while 80 percent of students passed the test in public and private schools.