Redesigning Xfinity MySource

In 2021, Xfinity introduced a major rebranding effort, along with a major redesign of its mySource platform. The new platform was designed with the feedback of 100k users in mind, and has an extensive roadmap for future improvements. In addition, the redesign of the mySource platform was done with an eye toward the company’s core brand values.


The mySource platform offers a variety of options for managing a variety of Xfinity services. It allows users to customize the name of their WiFi service, check for service outages, troubleshoot and refresh equipment, view their billing information, and update their account. A thoughtful rebranding effort was conducted to bring the platform in line with the Xfinity brand.

Users can easily reset their passwords on the Mysource Comcast site, either by phone or through email. For either method, you must have access to a mobile device or email inbox. If you received a text message, you should enter the code provided or click on the link in the email message. Once you’ve entered the new password, you can access your account.