Getting Started With FLTMPS


The first step to get started using FLTMPS is to request an account. After you’ve received an account request, you’ll need to review the Recruiter’s credentials and qualifications. From there, the process is pretty simple. If you run into issues, you can try to contact FLTMPS support for assistance.

Recruiter credentials and qualifications review

Recruiters are essential to the Department of Defense (DoD) and service components’ ability to hire qualified individuals. However, recruiter irregularities can harm these efforts. To identify the causes of recruiter irregularities and improve the quality of recruiter selection, the GAO has asked the Service to review its policies and procedures to address the problem.

FLTMPS account request process

To access FLTMPS, users must first request an account. Click the NTMPS Access Request Application link on the FLTMPS website, and follow the directions. When attempting to log in, you may see a security error. This is because the site is self-secured by DOD.

Security error messages

Security error messages can be frustrating and make you question your online security. Luckily, there are solutions to this problem. First, you must know what the error messages mean. While they don’t contain much information, they can give you some insight into the structure of the website. Typically, these messages indicate that a file is not found or that access has been denied.

Secondly, good error handling mechanisms must be flexible enough to handle possible inputs, while also enforcing appropriate security. In addition, they should produce simple error messages and log them in the appropriate places. These error messages should be informative about the type of error that occurred and should be helpful for site administrators and users. Ideally, error handling should not focus only on errors generated by users but also on errors generated by internal components. This is especially important for web servers, since they are all vulnerable to errors.