How to Earn and Redeem Regal Crown Club Credits

You can earn credits by purchasing tickets at a movie theater or buying a Regal Crown Club card, which is not redeemable for cash. You cannot assign, sell, barter or transfer credits to another person. Once earned, credits must be posted to your Regal Member account within 72 hours. Credits expire one year after they are earned. After that, the Regal Theatres will re-open on December 27, 2021.


Regal Cinemas has a membership club that rewards moviegoers for spending money at the cinema. The program gives members credits for concession stand purchases and points for special films. Once members reach fifty credits, they can get a free small popcorn or a drink. The program also offers other rewards, such as two-for-one popcorn on Tuesdays, large popcorn for $4, and featured candy for $2 on Mondays.

The Regal Crown Club rewards program gives members an exclusive custom card skin in its mobile app. The top members of its 2018 Crown Club received 1,500 bonus credits and a free small popcorn every week. Moreover, the program continues to offer other rewards to keep its members happy, including t-shirts and ball caps.

The program also offers bonus credits for each visit. Members can earn up to 100 credits for every dollar spent at a Regal Theatre. However, they cannot transfer or sell the credits to anyone else. Additionally, the credits do not have any value outside of the Regal Crown Club. In addition, they expire one year after they are earned. In case of a closing of the Regal chain, the credits will no longer be valid.

Regal reserves the right to terminate membership and cancel reward vouchers. Any member who fails to comply with the terms of the program will forfeit their accumulated credits and unredeemed reward vouchers. They will also surrender their Club Card. They may also be subject to legal action.


The Limits of Regal Crown Club are the restrictions that apply to Members. Members cannot sell, transfer, assign, or barter their credits or rewards. If they violate any of these terms, Regal may cancel their membership. They may also revoke their privileges, including the privilege to redeem their credits.

To earn points toward rewards, you must visit a participating Regal Cinema. To earn points, you can purchase tickets and concessions at the theatre. For example, if you spend $100 at the concession stand, you’ll receive two credits. After that, you can spend up to $100 worth of credits to get a discount on your tickets.

To keep your membership active, you must keep your Club Card, account information, and log-in information secure. There is a limit of one Regal Crown Club account per person, so you’ll want to protect it and make sure you secure it. If you’ve shared your Club Card or account information with a friend or family member, that person may be able to use it to gain access to your account.

When using Regal Unlimited, you’ll be able to watch three movies per week. You’ll also be able to save 10% on food purchases. Plus, on your birthday, you’ll receive a free large popcorn! If you’re looking for a monthly movie subscription plan, Regal Unlimited is probably the best option. It’s also worth considering if ticket prices in your area are expensive.

Limits on credits earned

There are certain limits on the amount of credits you can earn in the Regal Crown Club. When you purchase concessions or merchandise from a Participating Theatre, you’ll earn credits for future purchases. These credits can then be used at participating Regal cinemas. You can also earn credits for purchases online, in the App, or at customer service desks in Participating Theatres.

One limitation on how many credits you can earn is that you can only submit two credit claim codes per day. This is because each Regal Crown Club member is entitled to only one account. In addition, duplicate Club Cards and Crown Club accounts are not allowed. You are also responsible for protecting your Club Card and any log-in credentials. Any unauthorized use of your Club Card or account information is a breach of security. If you discover that your Club Card is being used without your permission, you’ll need to immediately notify the Regal Customer Service Department.

Limits on credits earned in Regal Crown Club are subject to change. These rules may be changed or withdrawn at any time. When you sign up for the Regal Crown Club, you consent to these changes. As long as you follow the terms and conditions, you’ll be able to enjoy many of the benefits of the Crown Club.

Redeeming credits

If you are a member of Regal Crown Club, you can redeem your credits for merchandise, concessions, sweepstakes entries, posters, apparel, and more. The Rewards Center is an online marketplace for Regal Crown Club members to redeem their credits. You can use your credits to purchase items online or in participating theaters. You can also redeem your credits in-theaters by visiting the customer service desk.

To redeem credits, you must first register with the website. You need to register with your email address and provide your contact information. Once registered, you will receive exclusive offers and 1,000 credits. Registering with your email address is also a great way to keep track of your Card in case you ever lose it.

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You will also need to complete a registration form. If you lose your Club Card, you will need to contact the Regal customer service center right away. You must also be sure to keep your account information up to date. Otherwise, you may find yourself ineligible to receive rewards.

The Regal Crown Club has rules that you should review and abide by. If you do not follow these rules, you may lose your credits and unredeemed reward vouchers. Once you have read and understood these rules, you can start redeeming your credits. The rewards you receive may be taxable, depending on their value and applicable tax laws.

Limits on purchases

Regal subscribers pay a monthly or pre-paid subscription fee for unlimited movie-watching at participating Regal theaters. Subscription rules and restrictions apply. Before enrolling in a subscription program, users should carefully read the enrollment process and applicable restrictions. In some cases, members can purchase unlimited tickets without making a purchase.

The Regal Crown Club is a reward program for frequent moviegoers. The program offers rewards to members based on the number of visits to Regal theatres. Members can earn Jewel Status by using their card to purchase tickets, concessions, and other items. Then, members can redeem their Rewards.

Regal Members can redeem their credits on purchases at participating theaters and online. However, they must be 16 years of age or older. The program is open to residents of the United States and Guam and American Samoa. Members must provide photo identification to confirm their membership.

If a member fails to make a Qualifying Purchase for 42 consecutive months, Regal may terminate the membership without notice. Regal also has the right to cancel the reward and delete the account, as well as all records and data associated with the Membership. Members must also agree not to re-enroll in the program.

A Regal Unlimited membership pass allows subscribers to access a variety of benefits, including advance ticket sales and 10% off non-alcoholic beverages and popcorn. The program also offers members discounts on special movie events, including special screenings and premium showtimes. A Regal Unlimited subscription is paid either monthly or annually and includes unlimited movie viewing in participating Regal theaters.

Limits on redemption of rewards

When redeeming Regal Crown Club credits, please remember that they have no value and may not be sold, assigned, transferred, or bartered. Regal reserves the right to revoke the privilege of redeeming credits at its sole discretion. You can redeem your credits online, via the App, or in participating theaters. Once you’ve earned your credits, you’ll have 72 hours to use them. Your credits expire one year after earning them, so make sure to use them before they expire.

You can redeem credits on tickets and concessions. However, they cannot be used for alcohol, emergency tickets, or gift cards. Once you have redeemed credits, you’ll be notified by email. Then, go to your Regal Crown Club member account and log in. You can then print a reward voucher for your next trip to the movies. You can use up to 20 credits per day to redeem credits.

The rewards you earn from the Regal Crown Club will be applied to your purchase of admission tickets and concessions. You’ll also be able to use your Regal Crown Club membership to obtain discounts and free tickets. But, keep in mind that the rewards you earn may be subject to restrictions and surcharges. As a member of the Regal Crown Club, you can also link your Rewards with Disney Movie Rewards, which will give you additional bonus points for your purchases.

If you wish to redeem your rewards, you must be at least 13 years old and have a current account with Regal. In addition, the rewards you receive may be taxable depending on their value and applicable tax laws.